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In alphabetical order of artists' surnames










Two Sisters


102 x 76                   Acrylic                   $2740

My painting is reminiscent of one of my favourite works by Hugh Ramsay - 'Two Sisters'.
My dining room scene at the end of a celebratory lunch is of a relaxed and contemplative nature and evokes a strong family connection.












Broken River I


63 x 83               Ink, Watercolour and Pastel on Paper               $1950

At the heart of my drawing is a paradox; an expressive, bold, immediate, and spontaneous mark-making within a process that has structure, discipline and a sense of stillness and contemplation. In my drawing there is a continuous negotiation between chance and calculation, expression, and description. My mark-making is loaded with memory, movement, catharsis and emotion. If, upon standing back, that same mark-making also suggests form, contour, or reflection then I’ve got a drawing on the go.
This drawing was completed plein air at Broken River in the Eungella National Park west of Mackay in QLD.












Look Closer


81 x 91             Oil on Canvas              $1500

'Look Closer' (2023) unearths the obscured layers of Weipa whilst also reflecting on a feminine voyage in a remote locale as artist. In navigating the complex interplay of an antagonistic physical and psychological terrain, I keenly perceive the town's pronounced division whilst intentionally overlooking ideologies, underscoring the pervasive dominance of a white male-centric milieu. Weipa's allure, branded by pristine waters, mangroves and expansive landscapes, conceals the complexity beneath this façade. Yet glimmers of sanguinity emerge amidst the bauxite-coloured shadows and yellow and blue hues. The illuminated protagonist, mirroring the affluent townspeople, seeks solace indoors. With closed eyes and masculine hands, she engages in personal contemplation of her surroundings, exploring the juncture of vulnerability and resilience. The priapic, dancing bananas and unmoving flowers embody desire and restraint. This work extends a request in discovering a home’s concealed narratives and personal elucidations, whilst delving into the confluence of gender, culture and location.












Ice Cream


38 x 38               Oil on Canvas               $3000

I painted this moment of pure joy in oil on canvas, capturing a young girl with an ice cream. She delights in the sweet treat, her eyes sparkling with excitement. The pastel colours of the ice cream contrast beautifully with her radiant smile, creating a snapshot of simple happiness frozen in time.














122 x 122                  Oil on Linen                   $18000

This painting titled 'Horizon', was painted in the aftermath of a profoundly inspiring sojourn to South Korea's Mount Seorak. Against the backdrop of sweltering temperatures, the transcendent metamorphosis of colossal clouds veiled the expansive heavens, shrouding even the sun in its majestic embrace, thereby bestowing upon the canvas a resplendent and entrancing atmospheric panorama. My aspiration in this artwork lies in encapsulating an ineffable and sublime emotional essence.












Another Valley


54 x 54                Monotype, Akua Ink                $780

What has interested me all my life is how people navigate their lives, each connected to their unique circumstances of place and time, challenged by the constancy of change. We are bound to the physical world emotionally, psychologically, and philosophically; our stories emerge from this world.













The Shore


126 x 106           Acrylic, Kozo Paper, Ink, Pastel on Board           $7000

The Shore is interested in the performance of making an image; layers, gestures, rhythms that accumulate over the daily ritual of its construction. In this sense, its drama lies in its own making, with the final image a summary of repeated gestures. Using layered sheets of Kozo paper, I wanted to build up an image that simultaneously arrives at a final posture, whilst also showing the history of its construction.












Between The Flags


80 x 150                    Acrylic on Canvas                   $3800

Most of my paintings depict very iconic Australian landscapes and seascapes. A favourite subject for me is to depict the city life of Sydney, whether that is on the land, the harbour, or the beach. Bondi Beach is a great hub of Sydney. I love to show the interaction of people and the stories this tells. In this painting we have the lovers kissing, the young surfer crowd, girls feeding hot chips to the seagulls, kids running, parents watching their kids play in the sand, and so on.  I love to express the emotion of the painting through the use of thick paint and the interplay of textures. I also like to interplay cool and warm colours to make my paintings more vibrant and aesthetically pleasing.













Cold Reception 


121 x 90                  Jacquard Woven Tapestry                  $3800

‘Cold Reception’ from the ‘Titans’ series examines shifts in cultural consumption. Where once the cultural artifact was consumed by us, we are now node or data point, being surveilled by cultural businesses to inform cultural output.












Busy Harbour


79 x 79                    Oil on Canvas                     $2200

I have always been fascinated by industrial harbours, especially older ones with lots of cranes and rigging. It allows me to explore the subject matter with expressionist shapes another abstract boating objects.












Moon Jar


35 x 31                  Stoneware, Ceramic                   $700












Return On Investment


62 x 113         Felted Vintage Accounting Book Pages, Paper, Thread, Wax         NFS

'Return On Investment 2023' is an exploration of value, sustainability and material culture. Joomchi (Korean paper felting) has been used to manipulate the repurposed vintage accounting book pages into a paper textile that is inspired by traditional labourers' and agricultural worker jackets. The jacket has been treated with wax to increase its resilience and emphasize its form. The work examines possibilities for innovation in creating sustainable material cultures and proposes that real value lies in human creativity, ingenuity and labour. Elevating sustainability in material practices and questioning our assumptions about where value truly lies will increase our returns on investment in environmental, cultural and economic domains.












Namadgi Breeze - Listening to Trees


60 x 70                   Acrylic Polymer on Panel                   $2100

Inspired by communicating with the natural moving environment- the wind and swaying branches, this mark-making, collaborative communication event between the artist and the natural environment is an expressionist painterly, abstract, disrupted conversation artifact and is a metaphor of the human condition where we reorganise and disrupt the ‘natural’ hopefully mindful of our role in it.












Grindells Vista SA


45 x 91                  Acrylic on Stretched Linen                  $1900

Grindells Hut in the Vulkathuna Gamma Ranges in SA is a special place - arid beauty where little rain falls yet nature survives and thrives. My landscape paintings seek to communicate the wow moments in nature which abound near and far across our great south land.  Unpeopled and with few signs of habitation these moments are true connections with the earth and its myriad of everchanging moods, colours, seasons, and vegetation.  We are so lucky to have access to the unspoiled country which places great responsibility to maintain and care for our environments.












Pressure III


91 x 120                   Oil on Linen                    $15000













Morticia's Sister - Shop Window Still Life


62 x 62                    Oil on Linen                     $2795

Morticia’s Sister depicts a retro-styled mannequin and bust with fashion and accessories reminiscent of the 1950s. Although the painting is created with realism painting techniques, the subtle window reflections and glimmers of sunlight create a dreamlike effect.












Blue Reclining Figure


70 x 80                    Oil on Linen                     $2900

Dayan’s work shifts fluidly between art historical reference and direct observation of present day subjects. It is an interest in painting moments as they feel not as they appear that unifies these two approaches. The use of subtly shifting perspective points and directions of light is intended to create the feeling that each painting contains a small unfolding of time. The use of colour for expression rather than description is central to Dayan’s practice. However the use of non-local colour is not intended to abstract the picture from the subject but is a way of heightening attention and questioning expectation.














38 x 30                     Oil on Linen                      $1200












Night on Fish Mountain


90 x 60                  Watercolour on Paper                 $890












Early Morning Mackenzie's Beach


32 x 41                    Watercolour                     $1400

I love painting en plein air and this happy scene with its bright light inspired. Throw in surf and dogs and people playing so I couldn’t keep walking past.














110 x 110                 Acrylic on Canvas                 $5200

The ocean is both healer and confessor. Hearing secrets and healing souls.
The sea's constant motion and expansiveness a panacea to today's overwork and stress.












Green River


76 x 101                   Acrylic                   $15000












Wardrobe Interior


62 x 62                    Acrylic on Canvas                     $950

This image is a study of a full closet with various items. They depict contrasting fabrics, colours and textures found in anyone's wardrobe.












Searching for Home


152 x 152                    Oil on Linen                     $9800

Stanley Spencer wrote “Art is kind of searching for home.” Home being a place we feel, know, and recognise but cannot clearly see or articulate. It’s a place we trust, a place of faith suffused with love. This painting is dedicated to a young person who is surrounded by love, who is searching for home. Islam describes it as Jannah – paradise or beautiful garden. Other faiths speak of Heaven, a spiritual realm of light, joy and eternal peace.












After the High Fell (Red/Cadmium Orange)


113 x 86                 Oil, Oxide on Linen                  $2500














60 x 102                   Oil on Linen                    $9000

I like paintings that refuse to make a point. Instead they deliver a mystery, something to be unravelled with input from the viewer. They leave room for personal history to become a player, to ignite a thread that will take its own turns and outcomes and ultimately deliver an emotion and feeling that finds its own conclusion.
As I move further and further through my career, I am trying to distill the paintings down to the core elements, pointedly pushing the composition front and centre, to focus attention to the key areas to reinforce the experience.
CH 23












Billy Buttons - Tjoritja NT


41 x 50               Gouache and Graphite on Paper              $1400

This sketch was painted en plein air near Simpsons Gap in Tjoritja (West MacDonnell Nat Park) NT, September this year. The painting is my immediate response to the sounds, the scent and the colour of the landscape. The afternoon light in a hazy sky illuminating the carpet of Billy Buttons.














121 x 91                 Oil on Canvas                  $6000

The Ancient Greeks worshipped the earth, water, animals, plants, and of course The Gods.
Poseidon was the God of the three types of water- seas, streams and rivers.
Modern, Western humanity has forgotten its place in the world and how important the earth, water, animals and plants are to its survival. The result being global warming and all the horrors that brings.
Here I have set Poseidon in an Australian seascape with Australian salmon, seaweed, and seashells and the osprey. It is a wonderful, rich habitat. Poseidon has emerged from the water and is staring at the viewer after he has thrown his trident, challenging us to stop global warming.












Leaving Newcastle Harbour


40 x 148                     Acrylic on Canvas                     $5500

I am very interested in Maritime art & had an exhibition of Sculpture entitled Ship Shape at the Newcastle Museum this year. This painting was made after that & I am now focusing on painting the harbour & port activities. Later this year I will do a residency at Newcastle Lighthouse.












Balmoral Sunrise


46 x 39                  Oil on Canvas                  NFS












Honey Combing


102 x 102                    Acrylic on Canvas                    $8800

My work continues on the theme of the delicate relationship between the beehive thriving and then collapsing under the weight of honey and wax - a metaphor of the similarity of the fragile balance in our world and the flux of our own existence.












Searching for Haenyeo


120 x 85                 35mm Film, Photograph                 $3000

It’s the first day of the new year and I have wandered down to Jeju-Do's Haenyo Beach, in Seongsan-ri, South-Korea. I peel a tangerine handed to me by a local on the descent down, and clamber across the rocks where I find a figure in white standing in solitude, swallowed by the jagged face of Seongsan Ilchulbong. As they stare out into the ocean, I can't help but wonder, have they spotted a Jeju mermaid?












The Immigrant


70 x 60                     Oil on Canvas                     $1500

My artwork portrays my immigrant journey, balancing adaptation to Western culture with preserving my roots. The sky-blue background embodies new opportunities, contrasting with the challenges of being a first-generation immigrant. Dandelion seeds on my shoulder signify nurturing the next generation and their potential, while a single white feather embodies the uncertainty of the immigrant experience. Despite hardships, my smile signifies resilience, and a silver necklace with a smile pendant symbolizes finding joy in tough times. Creating this art has been therapeutic, helping me process my emotions and share my story, aiming to resonate with others facing similar experiences, fostering empathy, understanding, and awareness of the immigrant journey in a diverse society.












Do You Miss Me?


105 x 80                     Oil on Paper                     $1300

Mother who misses married children talks about flowers through a window.














82 x 54                Wax and Oil based Pigment on Paper               NFS










(WINNER of 2023 KAAF Art Prize)


Regression Painting (Pyjamas and Cocktails...)


96 x 110                 Finger Painted Acrylic on Mirror                 $9900

Through Regression Painting (Pyjamas and Cocktails) I aim to shine a light on the mechanics of the contemporary art world, while confronting my own position as an artist. The mirror substrate of the painting steers viewers into appraising themselves, and hints at a certain level of narcissism entwined with the merging of contemporary fashion and art.
With wry humour, Regression Painting (Pyjamas and Cocktails) illustrates that I am not afraid to lean on self-deprecation also – partially informed by Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of an immature defence mechanism used to protect the ego from stress, anxiety or trauma.
The jarring of text-based conceptualism with a visceral, immediate finger-painted aesthetic serves to evaluate the market construction of taste, and the strategies artists are compelled to implement in obtaining visibility. Regression Painting (Pyjamas and Cocktails) intersects aesthetics and language, art and audience.












Sydney Acropolis


25 x 30                        Oil on Board                        $700












The Serenity of Stillness


77 x 60          Acrylic and Pyrography on Hand-Cut Plywood          $2400

This artwork explores the serenity found in moments of complete stillness. The solitude of nature in remote northern Australia is intoxicating. The untouched beauty, the sense of peace and quiet as the day surrenders gently to the night. No man-made sounds or artificial light to break the tranquillity. The water understands and pauses, forming a perfect mirror for the sky to reflect the fleeting display of dusk. It is a simple and joyful experience.












On the Shelf


36 x 100          Watercolour, Gouache and Acrylic on Board          $2000

It has been acknowledged that the current future of our environment is in peril! The main concept behind the works is to bring awareness of this peril and showcase that our delicate plant life is currently endangered or extinct.
Titled, On the Shelf are sitting on floating shelves on the surrounding gallery walls, to represent important items on display and symbolise the fragility of their existence.
The intention is to explore the human inclination and tendency to collect and display meaningful items on shelves, emphasizing that these painted works may one day only exist as objects to be admired.














150 x 150                       Acrylic on Canvas                      $15000

The artist studies both land and sea biological subjects both in the wild and via research returning to the studio with photographic and drawn work. The resulting art uses these thoughts and images to create organic universes, full of colour and form. Often the final images are shaped as much by the artist's personal history and memories as they are by studious botanical drawings. McHugh intends for viewers to experience the paintings in a similar way. In producing a potential universe allowing his imagination free rein, he offers a new world where structures flow and grow through the painting, creating vibrant textures and patterns. McHugh's new biomes, is the manifestation of a world that could have been or could still be, a reflection of the artist's environmental passion. He asks us all to join in this celebration and protection of the natural world in all its joyful wonder.












Kent Street Corner


63 x 48                      Oil on Canvas                      $2200

This work follows a plein-air excursion at the Millers Point Post Office, where I was attracted to a convergence of signage and street furniture in contrast with the heritage corner shop opposite.  While signs seek to impose order they also disrupt the landscape. I find agency in resolving a kind of order in this discord, which may reflect on the broader challenge of resolving our place in the changing world.












Matt the Barber


76 x 76                      Oil on Canvas                       $9000












The Cat


61 x 61                      Acrylic on Canvas                       $2000

Numbers, dates, time, infinity, always in a state of flux. Are these people together? Do they exist? Is the cat real?












Afternoon Reflections


59 x 82                       Charcoal on Paper                      NFS

At the heart of my practice are my interests in minimalist structures, the pictorial power of illusion, and the pursuit of a shared narrative. By combining these elements, I reveal narratives within structures and find vitality within simplicity. Using the nuances of charcoal to recreate the interplay of light and shadow, evoking a sense of calmness and introspection. Sunlight streams through the window, illuminating the curtain and floor, symbolizing hope, and optimism. Its warm glow fills the room, suggesting the potential for new beginnings and the transformative nature of light in our lives. I invite viewers to immerse themselves in this intimate setting and embrace a moment of peaceful contemplation. The absence of human presence allowing for a universal interpretation, encouraging individuals to project their own emotions and narratives onto the artwork. Simultaneously, providing a space for personal reflection and emotional connection to the inherent beauty of everyday moments.














43 x 38                      Acrylic on Board                      NFS

'Estrangement' is from a series of paintings from my recent artist residency in Provence and depicts the house of a British entrepreneur and art collector.
In my paintings of interiors, I strive to capture a place’s energy and atmosphere, which reflects the people who live in it. There’s a constant oscillation between figuration and abstraction, between the setting and its creator.












Brett Whiteley Riding His Chopper Bicycle at Top Ryde in the 60's


86 x 106         Pencil, Gold and Silver Leaf, Collage and Pastel Pencil         $2250

I have spent the year working on just drawings that mainly consist of reworkings of Sydney photographer John Ward's transport photographs...that sparked an immense nostalgia of my childhood growing up and catching Sydney's buses, trains and ferries. I'm in the process of completing about 20 of these all with pencil and small splashes of colour and adding my own quirky surreal details. I wish to acknowledge the inspiring work of John Ward and his capturing of moments in time from the late 50's to the 2020's and his unfortunate death earlier this year. I have always been inspired by the work of Whiteley and found myself adding him in of course a trippy and whacky way.












My Country - Sand Dunes


75 x 90                           Acrylic on Linen                           NFS

This artwork depicts Anna’s ancestral Country. Fine rows of dots mark out the locations of sandhills and bush country, river flood plains and ceremonial sites.












Burning Reef


60 x 75                   Hand Carved Aluminium                   $1800

Coral life and its protection are the inspiration for Beatrice’s 2023 new series of hand-carved artworks on aluminium. With its vibrant colors and joyful details, 'Burning Reef' triggers the positive emotions one encounters when immersed in the beauty of our underwater world. Yet the colour alteration from reality and the erasive marks carved deep in the metallic surface ring the bell to take care of our reef preservation. Designed in a surrealistic blaze, the reef becomes alive and booming with life. This work celebrates the beauty and fragility of the ocean reef zone.














75 x 100                        Oil on Canvas                         $3000

Growing up in Southport at the southern tip of Tasmania, my memories are of fishing boats, sand and sea, bush, paddocks, dairy cattle, sheep, apple orchards; of families established and settled for generations.
Three kilometres along a dirt road from the township is Sisters Bay. Hidden away, it is quiet and peaceful mostly, except when the strong southerly swells blow up from Antarctica. Situated at the southern end of the D'Entrecasteaux Channel, it looks directly across the straight to the Labillardiere Peninsula at the southernmost end of Bruny Island.
A local fishing boat settles to find shelter overnight, perhaps returning from days of setting crayfish pots along the coasts of the South West Wilderness.












City and Country


50 x 30               Ink and Watercolour on Handmade Paper               $850







Picking Up the Moon Dish


69 x 100                     Chinese Ink on Rice Paper                   $1250












How Far is NO WAY OUT?


78 x 64                    Acrylic on Polyester                   $1400

The inner life of others. Living with people you love who experience mental illness. Surviving the constant noise and total silence.
It was the silence of silence. It was my own silence.
Sylvia Plath












Sheila Staude


30 x 25                        Oil on Canvas                        $350

As a visual artist, I want to create something beautiful so the viewer feels connected to herself.












The Rise of the Vape


44 x 44                    Oil on Board                     $2300

The Rise of the Vape, #vaporised.
Designed to recruit the next generation of nicotine addicts, I was fascinated by the way vapes are packaged to seduce users with colours and flavours.
To me, these nicotine vessels look like sweets, and their aesthetic offers a proposition of 'Urban Cool' promoted through social media.
They're cleverly marketed in bright fun colours, to disguise the health risks they perpetuate.
By placing an assortment of these vapes into a candy bowl, I am emphasising how young consumers are targeted by the appeal of a delectable treat.
My piece aims to educate people on the dangers of vaping and subversive advertising.












Noren and the Winter Light


82 x 42                  Acrylic on Carved Woodblock                  NFS

I love the winter light, and the hanging of ‘noren’ (the traditional Japanese fabric divider) at my studio entrance signifies that the artist is at work in my household.
This carved woodblock depicts the moment winter light and breeze touch the humble curtain. Moments like these give me an immense sense of gratitude and bliss. As an adult I embraced the life of an artist after the death of my father during the pandemic. I knew it would be a tough road and I cherish every moment.
I love my studio. It is bright. It is small. It is peaceful. It is perfect.
When I enter the studio by parting the vertical slits of the humble curtains, I am immediately surrounded by plants and my much-loved objects. My studio is a refuge for reflection, and this humble noran is my protection from the worries of the world.












Cube Formation Series


120 x 45                       Mild Steel                        $1600

Cube Formation references both the built and natural environments. Mimicking the patterns in nature, abstracted into a series of straight-edged forms reminiscent of urban growth.












Everything Everywhere


80 x 104         Acrylic, Watercolour, Collage, Wax Pastel on Stretched Canvas        $2600

A representation of the chaos that often overwhelms my studio space but within this chaos are vignettes crying out to be painted. One often doesn't have to venture outside to find a subject, they are everywhere waiting to be discovered.












Carrot Gun


20 x 53                         Plaster, Steel                         $200

I have always liked the image of the dangling carrot, a friend told me about the term ‘toxic carrot’, where one will announce their goals to others, such as 'I am going to start running', and will receive praise and congratulatory remarks before they embark on the said activity. This fulfils the validation they craved and they no longer pursue the said goal as their needs have been met. This notion is also reflected in a study, that found children’s performance worsens if given too much praise, as they are highly sensitive to failure and are more likely to give up when faced with a challenge. This carrot gun is a meditation around intentions, the contradictory binary of our needs and wants, desire and fear, action and inaction.












Basket Weave


76 x 56                    Hand-Stitched Cotton on Paper                     $4400

Kylie Stillman is a Melbourne-based artist who works primarily with sculptural processes. Drawing on the sewing and garment construction skills the artist learnt at a young age, Stillman’s practice explores what it means to show three-dimensional forms on a two-dimensional plane.
‘Basket Weave’ is comprised of hand-stitched long lines, loosely marking out what could be wood grain or textural shadow. The repeating pattern suggests a mat or fabric, but it’s not 'what' it is that compels the artist to make this work but is 'how' it is. The work speaks to the craft of drawing, specifically illusion exemplified using colour: comprised of primary: Red, Yellow and Blue threads that selectively blend into each other to form their secondary colours: Orange, Green and Purple - look closely and you will see them separate out to be two threads dipping in and out of punctured holes in the paper.












Neighbourhood Watch


34 x 22                           Oil on Canvas                           $1600

I’m interested in exploring the ordinary everyday quirks of human behaviour.
Have we not at some stage noticed something suspicious, only to look suspicious ourselves in trying to discreetly observe it.












Fish Dish


76 x 50                       Acrylic on Canvas                       $2000

I always feel so sorry for seafood when it's dead.














100 x 152                     Acrylic, Pastel, Ink on Canvas                    $3800

Looking west over the plains from Broken Hill.












Saint Sebastian, Self-Portrait, a Relief After Guido Reni


60 x 60        Oil, Enamel, Gold Liner, Gold Leaf, Rhinestones on Birchwood Panel        $2800

My former home is now governed by a group that actively seeks to stifle the voices and ban the very existence of LGTBQIA+ people and impose a quintessentially foreign culture. This work, after Reni, is my meditation how I have reclaimed my identity here in Australia, my safe and peaceful home, where I am allowed to ‘be’ and encouraged to thrive.  The legend of St. Sebastian drives this meditation. Putting paintbrushes aside, I employ an ancient Persian technique of creating a relief using with gold liner which I adorn with gold leaf, shell gold and rhinestones. And in creating shallow pools, my needle persuades and agitates paint into shapes and colours befitting the stature of my totem, the waratah, whose dew when sipped in the morn invigorates and brings courage. I invite you to travel with me across time and space and reflect on your own experience of identity.












Two Birds in High Country


103 x 133                   Oil and Wax on Canvas                     $6200

The extraordinary diversity, complexity and fragility of the high country is what I based a series of work on this year. Especially noting the subtle contrasts in colours and textures of the flora, whilst also enjoying painting the fauna, which thrives in this harsh environment.














92 x 121                       Oil on Canvas                         $4500

A reunion of long long time ago friends catching up...what are they laughing about? I don't know, I just wanted to make a stupid funny portrait that I can laugh with.








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KAAF is entitled to 30% commission from any sales.




















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