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Winner - 'Burnt Landscape' by Geoff Harvey Winner - 'Burnt Landscape' by Geoff Harvey

Congratulations to the following prize winners!


Winning Prize:

'Burnt Landscape' by Geoff Harvey

Acrylic & Charcoal on Board             97 x 120

Artist Statement                                                                                                          
This picture is sombre, charm, still & painted with a limited pallet.                                        
It is the aftermath of a bushfire & it reveals the haunting beauty of the land after a devastating fire. It is one of a series I have been working on which depicts the cycles of the land from bushfire to regeneration.


Second Prize:

'Infinity' by Hyun-Hee Lee

Hanji, Ink & Silk Thread                  95 x 95

Artist Statement                                                                                                          
Infinity pursues the notion that life is a circle; what happens today can be traced to something that has happened in the past. In Buddhism this is known as Kama which evokes the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). 
I was inspired in this work by personal experience which enabled me to understand the enduring value of giving love. I've written and then hand embroidered in my own personal script onto three layered sheets of Hanji paper dyed with ink. The thread lines I use in my work continue the repetitive act and imply infinity and a connection to the life cycle.



Highly Commended:

'Working Harbour' by Susanna Chen Chow

Ink & Charcoal                             63 x 90

Artist Statement                                                                                                              
This is one of a series of drawings that I have been working on for sometime.
It captures the past, Sydney Harbour as a working harbour which has been lost.



Finalists of the 2016 KAAF Art Prize. Congratulations!!


Antoniou, Andrew

Bang, Min-Woo

Beltran, Eva

Benn, Ethne

Bierzynski, Annie

Bird, Stephen

Chang, Ok-Hean

Chen Chow, Susanna

Clarke, Matthew

Collins, David

Cuming, Liz

Daniels, Noni

Dion, Dana

Fan, Dongwang

Feneley, Donna

Foye, Garry

Garcia, Oscar

Garritano, Sandra

Gowen, Jennifer

Hagiwara, Junko

Harvey, Geoff

Hinton, Peta

Hobbs, Pamela

Hogan, Christine

Howe-Piening, Adrienne

Kim, Moon Hee

Langshaw, Yvonne

Larter, Jolon

Lee, Hyun-Hee

Lee, Thomas K.

Mackay, Alison

Marks, Deborah

Mason, Nic

Miller, Paul S.

Morgan, Guy

Nott, Andrew

O'Connor, Felicity

Perry, Kirsten

Rose, Katrina

Salo, Steve

Shreeve, Liz

Smith, Ben

Song, Misim

Stokes, Sally

Stute, Liz

Suh, Hoimi

Tang, Julia

Taylor, Neil

Thompson, Brooke

Waddell, Gillian

West, Sally

Wick, Maryanne

Wilkinson, Cleo


Selected artworks are exhibited at:

Korean Cultural Centre

255 Elizabeth St

Sydney NSW 2000

Open weekdays from 10am - 6pm

Exhibition period: 

25th Nov 2016 - 27th Jan 2017





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